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October 2003


A new look and feel to the Monthly and the Center! Coming in October the Center unveils our new web presence with unprecedented access to all things ODR.  In addition we will soon be making available a series of new open source tools for the ODR community:

  • Discussion forums - Ongoing threaded conversations focusing on ODR development, projects and research

  • Hosted blogs - The ability to host ODR and legal technology related web logs through the site

  • Daily Headline - The news resource will be housed on the new site, providing daily and weekly updates on the world of ODR

  • ODR Monthly - New version of ADR Online Monthly to include archived issues that will be fully searchable as well as a simplified sign-up and removal forms

  • ODR Events Calendar - A clickable events calendar, tracking upcoming events in the world of ODR, along with a submission option to suggest events for inclusion

  • Resource Center / downloads - The site will have a wide variety of papers, articles, and tools for download, including the papers from the recent odrworkshop meeting in Edinburgh, and chapters from the upcoming UN ODR ebook

  • Surveys - The site will also provide a variety of surveys for consideration in the ODR community, both the clarify best practices and get a sense of the tenor of the field with regard to current issues

Third Annual International Competition for Online Dispute Resolution!

The Center invites you to ICODR 2004 - Online negotiation, mediation, and arbitration competitions for university students and their faculty coaches.  Competitions commence in November 2003 and culminate during the Center's Cyberweek 2004 (Feb. 23 - 27).

If you would like to compete or be an evaluator please fill out the appropriate form at ICODR 2004 or contact us at

Articles / Reports

An Invitation

If you have written, or would like to write, a short essay or op-ed length piece regarding dispute resolution, information technology, or their intersection please contact us at ADRonline Monthly.

ADRonline Monthly Archive

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