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The Center exists to support and sustain the development of information technology applications, institutional resources, and theoretical and applied knowledge for better understanding and managing conflict.  The Internet is global and thus conflict management resources and expertise can be delivered from anywhere asynchronously.  We are only at the beginning of understanding how individuals separated by great physical, cultural, or technological distances can utilize resources and expertise virtually.

The Center views cyberspace is an increasingly significant part of our personal and professional lives. Cyberspace is not a harmonious place, and the Center is dedicated to understanding the nature and origins of online conflict and of appropriate responses to it.  In addition, we conceive of the online environment as a "place" where increasingly powerful tools will be available for working to find solutions to many forms of offline / online conflict, whether they are public or private, whether they involve commercial transactions or other social relationships, and whether they are international or domestic.

In Support of the Center's Mission:

UDRP Case Management System - The Center received a grant from the Markle Foundation to create a new database for accessing decisions in domain name disputes. The system, developed in collaboration with the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute, went online during Cyberweek 2003. Subsequently, the Center is seeking to create a system to assist arbitrators' decision-making and decision publication processes which currently adopt multiple methods and technologies.

NativeWebThe Center collaborated with, the largest online resource dedicated to issues of indigenous peoples, to design a new users' policy and attendant dispute resolution procedures / mechanisms.  The Center has provided an executive summary of the project as well as designed a draft policy / process for dispute avoidance and resolution in discussion forums hosted by Nativeweb.

The International Competition for Online Dispute Resolution is our major ODR infrastructure undertaking.  The competition targets law schools around the world and exposes aspirant legal professionals and legal academics to ODR applications.  ICODR 2002 consisted of 11 participating schools in a two round online negotiation competition during Cyberweek 2002ICODR 2003 had over 40 participating law schools from all over the world in arbitration, meditation, and negotiation competitions.  ICODR 2003 was supported by technology provided by the West Group and, cases were provided by the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

Cyberweek has become a Center trademark activity - a free, all online, conference which brings together the people, practices, platforms, and products relevant to ODR.  Our fifth ADR Cyberweek was held in late February, 2003 and included online simulations, demonstrations. discussions and other activities related to ODR, disputing, conflict management, E-democracy, and E-commerce as it relates to economic development.  Cyberweek(s) 2001-03 have had over 2000 registrants from nearly 50 countries.

The Fourth Party: Theory and Practice of ODRThe Center’s online course “The Fourth Party: Theory and Practice of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)” was created in December, 2001. The course coincided with the release of Katsh and Rifkin’s Online Dispute Resolution: Conflict Resolution in Cyberspace and consisted of real-time and asynchronous discussions and simulations - including an online version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. The Center is updating the course and plans to offer it again in 2003.

ADRonline Monthly  The Center publishes ADRonline Monthly to provide scholars and practitioners opportunities for sharing work and experiences.  Since September 2002, ADRonline Monthly has also served as the newsletter for the ACR Section on Online Dispute Resolution

The Center is working with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) Online Civil Rights Clinic to develop a web-based portal, knowledge base, and online collaboration area for governmental civil rights enforcement nation-wide.  We are also exploring the potential for implementing ODR practices for certain disputes handled by civil rights enforcement professionals.  The Center's work with the MCAD is part of a larger interest in eGovernment and eDemocracy initiatives.

UNECEThe Center oversees the ODR Expert Group of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The UNECE held its first Forum on Online Dispute Resolution in June, 2002 and will hold a second on June 30, 2003 in Geneva. The Center coordinates the program for these forums.

The Center sponsors and manages the Dispute-res listserv, an Internet discussion list of approximately 900 dispute resolution professionals. To subscribe to the dispute-res list, send a message to The message should read:

subscribe dispute-res yourfirstname yourlastname


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